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About MVP


We are a team made up of people just like yours. Instructors, Designers, Volunteers, and Directors. We are here to help make the path smoother before the season brings any struggles. From uniforms and flags to tarps, props vehicle wraps and more, trust MVP to deliver everything you need year round!

How is MVP unique? All of your custom products are made in house under 1 roof not vended through a 3rd party printer. This way we can guarantee your products won't leave our doors until it has the upmost quality you deserve. We are not always the most expensive but we are not always the cheapest. It's about getting your products right and most importantly before that first show. 

Our offices and warehouse are located in the great city of Glasgow, Kentucky. We partner and sponsor with the best in the activity WGI, Music For All, DCI, DSI and Pi. We thank them for the continued support! 

If you've read this far we truly thank you. Trust MVP to deliver your entire visual package this year so you can focus on those reps.